Pilgrims Passages

Pilgrim    Whitby 42  Sail Number 304 (1983) 661315

 Pilgrim's current position      via APRS

Trip Logs and Photos
Not Launching
Florida, Bahamas
Grenada, St Lucia, Guadeloupe, Antigua,
Haiti, Bahamas, Florida

Grenada, Bequia, St Lucia, Martinique, The Saints and back to Grenada
St. Martin, St. Barths, St. Kitts,
Guadeloupe, The Saints, Dominica,
St Lucia, Bequia, Grenada
2015 Bahamas, December Update
2014 Florida, Cuba, Bahamas, Florida
2013 US East Coast
2012 Newfoundland, Nova Scotia
2011 The Brendan Voyage : Scotland, Faroe, Iceland, Greenland, Labrador, Newfoundland
2010   Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway South, Norway North, Shetland, Orkney, Outer Hebrides, Inner Hebrides, Islay, SW Scotland


Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Oland, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Gotland, Poland, Bornholm, Germany
2008   England, Holland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Alands, Sweden   
2007 Florida, Bahamas, Azores, Ireland, Scilly Islands, England


Canada, US East Coast
2005 Lake Superior

MMSI numbers for all countries
Haul Out/Launch Maintenance
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Prilgrim Operations Manual
2008 Transmission Saga
2008 Engine reinstall 
2008 Engine Removal
2011 Head Gasket saga
2011 Head gasket saga photos
Cruising Club of America 2012 Newfoundland Update 
Cruising Club of America 2011 Labrador Update
Ontario Sailor Magazine March 2011 (PDF)
Distillery tour comments

Blank Log Page (DOC)
Food Storage List (DOC)
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Contact Information:

 VHF - VB8320   HF - VA3PIL   MMSI - 316004697

Jane:    VA3PIL     jtw@pilgrimspassages.com Brian:  VA3ISH    bgs@pilgrimspassages.com


Cruising Statistics
North: 67 17.6 N July 16, 2010  Bod, Norway
South:  12 00.38N April 3,    2016     Prickly Bay, Grenada
West: 092 03.4 W August 8, 2005    Superior, Wisconsin, USA
East: 030 14.2 E June 30, 2009 St. Petersburg, Russia
Pilgrim in
              The Saints

Geographic Areas Pilgrim has visited in date sequence

Canada  USA Bahamas  USA Bermuda  Azores  Ireland  Isles of Scilly UK  Netherlands  Germany Bornholm Latvia  Estonia Finland  Aland Sweden Norway Denmark Sweden Oland Finland Russia Estonia Sweden Gotland Poland Bornholm  Germany Denmark Sweden Norway Shetland Orkney Islands Hebrides Scotland Faroes Iceland Canada Labrador Newfoundland  St Pierre Cape Breton Nova Scotia USA Cuba Bahamas USA Bahamas USA Bahamas Sint Maarten St Barts (France)  St. Kitts  Guadeloupe
              (France) Dominica St Lucia  St Vincent Grenada St Lucia Guadeloupe (France) Guadeloupe
              (France) AntiguaGuadeloupe
              (France) Dominica St Vincent Grenada St Lucia Guadeloupe
              (France)Antigua Haiti Bahamas USA  Bahamas USA


2005             2562 nm traveled           409 engine hours used
2006             4007 nm traveled           515 engine hours used

2007             6937 nm traveled           674 engine hours used

2008             2497 nm traveled           323 engine hours used

2009             2769 nm traveled           309 engine hours used

2010             3600 nm traveled           499 engine hours used

2011             3117 nm traveled           308 engine hours used

2012             1325 nm traveled           196 engine hours used

2013-2014    4910 nm traveled           746 engine hours used

2014-2015  2882 nm traveled           416 engine hours used

2015-2016    1455 nm traveled          200 engine hours used

2016-2017      856 nm traveled         111 engine hours

2017-2018      2668 nm traveled        215 engine hours

2018-2019       1229 nm traveled        221  ngine hours

2019-2020       1564 nm traveled       214   engine hours

Finals  26053 nm traveled     5397  engine hours

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